Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Super Mum

My mum is the best mum in the world because she makes good baking and gives me cool stuff. When I am sick she helps me out by giving me good healthy food. My mum is standing on the top of a building, looking over the city for people who are doing bad things. 
By Harvey                                                        11.09.12


  1. Hi Harvey. Nice painting. The stars are a good touch. Where is the painting set? From Callum

  2. Hi Harvey, This is a very cool painting & story about your "Super-Mum". She looks strong and ready for action! Has she seen herself on our Blog? The world needs more super heroes like your Mum. Ms Whitaker

  3. Hay Harvey my Bro, I love your panting of your Awesome mum but in her super hero form, uve got some Awsome super powers of your own when you get a hold of a pastol or panit prash.But your cool all of the time:) From your bud Alex

    1. Alex,
      I chose to publish your interesting comment on Harvey's painting because I loved the content & ideas. You have been quite playful & creative in the way you have chosen to respond to Harvey's artwork & writing. Please ask someone to check future comments for spelling & accuracy as the R2 Blog publishes our thoughts and ideas for the whole world to see, if they choose to look!

  4. Hi Harvey, I like your superhero mum! Do you like drawing and writing? I do! From Gina at Lee Stream School in room 1.