Friday, 12 July 2013

Hockey Tournament

On Thursday, the 11th of July Harvey, Wiremu, Callum, Rowan, Aaron, Nathan, Stevie and Holly went to the Hockey Tournament in Milton at Milton Primary School’s field. Their team name was the Waihola Terminators. The team worked together, and won the tournament. They played against a team from Waitahuna in the finals, and bet them, 6-2 points! It was an exhilarating day which had everybody puffing by the time they got back to school.                          By Holly                12.7.13
Getting ready for the first game

We're in the semi finals

In the final match

And the winner is... the Waihola Terminators.


  1. Hello Holly. I like the name of the hockey team The Waihola Terminators. Do you play hockey too?
    We play hockey at play time and lunch time.

    Bye from Jade at Lee Stream School Room1

  2. Well done on winning Waihola Terminators