Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Extreme Weather

We made weather reports at school as part of our weather inquiry. This is one of the videos.


  1. Hi Aaron and Callum,
    How exciting to see your extreme weather video uploaded. I think you are very clever to make this video and exceptionally clever to upload it to the blog. I wonder if weather forecasting will become a regular feature on the blog? I also wonder if you will be making more movies? I look forward to seeing more great posts on your blog!
    Mrs K

    1. It was easier than you said it would be. All I had to do was click on insert media and select the video file. I also took the music out from the start. There will be more videos soon. From Callum

  2. cool video Callum

  3. Hi Aaron and Callum.
    I really liked your names,Bed Head and Hue Blue, which is really cool. And why did you decide to be called Bed Head and Hue Blue?. You two are like movie makers. I hope you make more moives soon. From Claudia. :)