Friday, 5 July 2013

Poem about Tom

Totally loves "Club Penguin"

Hates "Brain Attack" - an i-pad game

Odd talker

Makes up good plans

A clever boy

Says "Doh", like Homer Simpson 

Wants to be eagle man

Has lots of brothers, four to be precise!

Annoying to Jake, his big brother

Likes "minecraft" stuff

Enormous "minecraft" fan

Yes, he loves to play "Club Penguin"

Tom                      19.6.13


  1. Hi Tom
    I like your poem about you, why did you decide to make a poem?

    From Nathan

  2. Hi Tom,
    Your poem is very clever the way the sentence at the start is repeated, with a little variation, at the end. It really does reinforce that you LIKE Club Penguin. I love this poem because it gives us some understanding of what makes you UNIQUE and what is important to you. Keep developing your writers voice, using your words to have a say about all of the things in the world that you care about. Can you introduce me to Club Penguin & Minecraft some time soon? Ms Whitaker

  3. Hi Tom,
    I get the feeling you love "Club Penguin" almost as much as you love "Minecraft"! Keep up the great work, your poem is great!
    Liam (Dad)

    1. Hi Liam & Tom, I really enjoy the way our class blog allows us to celebrate the learning & creativity of children at WDS. It is very cool to read the comments of family & friends in response to a child's writing, art or other forms of learning.
      Ms Whitaker

  4. Hi Tom
    Nice work. I like the bit at the end where it says yes, he loves club penguin. What do you mean by odd talker? From Callum

  5. Hi Tom
    Nice work. I enjoyed reading about you I learnt a lot about you. why do you like club penguin and minecraft? bye from Rowan

    1. Hi Rowan
      club penguin is fun because I got to make up a penguin and his name. I like minecraft because You can create and break stuff and mine and craft stuff. So that's that.
      From tom

  6. Hi Tom.
    Why do you want to be an Eagle Man. From Claudia.