Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Beach Riding

Beach Riding

In the holidays my family and I went to Taieri Beach to ride our two Honda motorbikes along the sand. We have a 70cc and a 100cc. Dad, Nathan and I rode all the way to Taieri Mouth and went through a river on the way, while Mum and Rhys waited in the car. While we were at the beach, Dad taught me how to change the gears while using the clutch. I hope we get to go back there next holidays. Callum             29.7.13


  1. Hi Callum. How long did it take to ride the motorbikes to Taieri Mouth? I have a motorbike too. It is a Yamaha TTR 125. You and I might be able to have a ride together one day. From Ben from Lee Stream School Room 1.

  2. Hello Callum.
    I really liked reading your story about your weekend.
    Was it fun riding your motorbike?.
    I don't have a motorbike but I have a horse that is really annoying to ride.
    Bye from Kelly at Lee Stream Room 1.

    1. Hi Kelly
      It was very fun to ride the motorbikes to Taieri Mouth.
      How is your horse annoying to ride?
      Bye from Callum

  3. Hi Callum. It sounds like you had a good holiday riding your motorbike on the beach. I liked the sound of riding through the river. Do you like doing jumps on your motorbike? Bye from Charlotte at Lee Stream School, Room 1.