Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Big Sad Wolf

 I painted my favourite scene from a play we went to see at East Taieri School. I also wrote my response to the play. It was a very cool performance and lots of laughs.
In my painting, the wolf is taking a bag of marmite sandwiches to granny.


  1. Hi Ryan,
    You use such wonderful adjectives (describing words) to help us understand the different characters in the play. This play was certainly lots of fun and laughs but it also had some serious themes. What did it make us think about digital citizenship? Keep using the juicy language in your writing. Ms Whitaker

  2. Hi Ryan
    i love story about The Big Sad Wolf. Did you like the play Ryan

  3. Hi Ryan'

    good work on your art. I like it. It is great. By Shakira

  4. Hi Ryan
    I loved the way you created this drawing and the play at East Taieri sounded really fun.
    I was wondering if you could invent your own paly and draw a picture of your play.
    Bye from Emily at Lee Stream,Room1

  5. Thanks Emily
    It was very fun.
    Would you like to try this some time?
    I bet you would love doing it as well.
    From Ryan at Waihola School.