Monday, 11 November 2013

Stevie, Seth and Claudia erostion challendge

                                         Standing still

This is what our house design looked like. We were challenging 4 other groups with heaps of good ideas to keep our houses standing on a sand hill. I decided to make a Tee Pee to help our house stay up. 
This is our house after the first sprinkle of water, it didn't change much it just stayed up.

         Waiting for the big dump of water. Fingers crossed our house keeps standing - OOHHH.

Thanks to Stevie idea to have a stick tee pee around our house.

Overall we were the group that won the challenge as our house stayed in place and was not damaged. It was a tough challenge but we were pleased with how well our house did. If we did the challenge again we would maybe build our house on a giant rock to make our house more stable and instead of using sticks around the outside we would put sticks under our house to anchor it to the hill. We had lots of fun and enjoyed being outside in the sandpit.

By Stevie, Seth and Claudia

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