Monday, 11 November 2013

Ryan and Blue - Erosion Challenge

Destroyed in seconds!

For our erosion challenge we built a Lego block house that looked a bit like a castle, but it looked more like a big square of blocks. We put bark around the outside of our house and a bunch of sticks crossed over diagonally underneath our house so it would hold the house up. Unfortunately our house didn't stay in place.
Blue and Ryan working hard to design a sand hill.

The old "thumbs up for finally finishing building

This is our house after the sprinkle.

This is what our house looked like after the event...knocked off the top of the hill.

If we did this challenge again this is what we would do differently: 1) Make the sand hill wider so the house would stay on the top.
2) We would use more pinecones to surround the house or use a stick tee pee to hold the house in place.
3) We stuck sticks into the hill to make it strong but we would bigger sticks and have them on the bottom of the house.

We had lots of fun doing this challenge in the sandpit and we learnt alot about erosion.

By Ryan and Blue

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