Monday, 11 November 2013

Holly, Shakira and Tom-Erosion Challenge

Wipe-out House!

Room 2 were set to work designing and planning a house made out of Mega blocks. The aim was to build a structure that would withstand first a sprinkle of the hose, then a downpour with the watering can's spout, and then a whole watering can of water being tipped on each house! We put pieces of wood and wood chips into our sand hill surrounding our house. An unnecessary flag distinguished our house from four other groups houses.

This is what our house looked like before anything happened to it. We decided to add sticks inside the hill to give it extra support.
This is what our house looked like after a sprinkle from the hose, then water from the watering can's spout. The hose is being dragged through, adding a touch more destruction.
After the whole watering can's load unleashed its power, our whole house tumbled off the hill like a feather in high tide waters. Evidently, the sticks in the hill did not work. Our house stayed together, but failed to stay on the hill. We were disappointed that our house did not survive, but we had fun watching put house being destroyed in seconds.

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