Monday, 11 November 2013

Aaron,Wiremu,Nathan- erosion challenge

We start building.

We add a moat.

We look proudly at our finished project.

We look at other groups ideas.

We got a sprinkle on our house, it didn't do much. 

A down pour hit our house and made a sink hole.

Overall we were pleased with some of our design ideas but if we did it again we would put some stilts under the house to hold it on the hill. We would also put a channel in the sand to stop the water from damaging the sand around our house. 


  1. Hi,
    I enjoyed making the sand castles because it was hot outside and Room2 were normally inside. So I really enjoyed it. Thank Ms Mckergo Aaron Waihola school

  2. Hi. I like your house that you made with blocks. What was the hardest thing of all ?
    Bye. From Shannon Lee Stream School.