Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Taieri School Hui Ako

Waihola students had a great time at the Hui Ako in Fairfield last week. We enjoyed being a part of this great festival that brings so many local schools together to share Maori language and tikanga. We have been working very hard on our own performance of 'Te Ika a Maui - the fish of Maui'.

Here are some comments from the students:

Elsie – I felt nervous going up on the stage. I liked how Silverstream School had their own haka. It sounded really cool.
Ryan – I wasn’t nervous at all going up on the stage, I was excited.
Tamati – I was very nervous and excited but I thought we did a good job. I thought Taieri College had a good kapa haka group.
Nathan – I was nervous before we went up on stage but when I got up there wasn’t as many people watching us as I had thought. I thought Taieri College sang really well and the kindergarten was quite good because they had lots of actions.
Harry – I was surprised with how our performance all came together. I liked the kindergarten because they were cute and funny and I liked all the actions.
Wiremu – I was nervous when I got on the stage. I liked the kindergarten because they were funny.
Seth – It was really funny when the kindergarten did the actions for the body parts song – they were shaking their kumu’s!
Tom – When I went up onto the stage I didn’t actually feel that nervous. I nearly hit Maui with my taiaha! Opps! I also liked the kindergarten – they were really adorable.

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