Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Scientists visit to Waihola School

On Friday two Scientists from the University came to our school to teach us about space and to answer all of our challenging questions. We liked how they used everyday equipment, like a basketball, marble and inflatable beach toy to show us a model of how large Earth and the other planets are compared to the sun. It painted a clear picture of our Solar system for us when they took us out to our field to show and explain the distances between our planets and the Sun. When the children spread out across the field we started to get clues about how vast the universe is. The highlight of the visit was speed-freezing bananas and making liquid nitrogen explode a plastic bottle. It was a great way to show us how cold it is in space.

We will never forget  ….

I loved how we got to look through the telescope


I like when we did the explosion.


I loved when they made mega lethal destructive liquid nitrogen bombs


I loved when they made the super lethal, super destructive ultimately awesome liquid nitrogen bombs of mass destruction.


It was mega awesome how they made liquid nitrogen bombs. I feel bad for the poor frozen banana


It was great fun listening to all the information,I wonder what it’s like being a scientist?


I loved the explosion because it blew up the whole bottle


I LOVED making the liquid nitrogen bombs and freezing the banana. But in a way I feel sorry for that banana.


 I loved making a banana frozen and making liquid nitrogen bombs.


Scientist Ian Whitaker talking to students
First a bottle was filled with liquid nitrogen. Then it was placed into the barrel that was partially filled with water. The water helped to amplify the sound of the explosion.

BOOMM!!! We all got a shock when it exploded! The sound was incredible!


  1. Hello Room 2
    I really liked the scientists because of the experiments they did.
    I wonder where they got the liquid nitrogen from? I also wonder how to make it?
    Thank you for putting this on the blog.
    From Cooper

  2. I liked the BIG explosion! It looked cool!

  3. I liked the BIG explosion! It looked cool!