Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Astronaut Applications

As part of our Inquiry learning we have been reading about Mars. We read a school journal story that told us it would take around 14 months to get to Mars. That is a long time to be cooped up in a space rocket with other people! This would cause some problems. We decided that it would take a special sort of person to be an astronaut. We discussed some of the qualities that you would need to have:

brave, caring, friendly, problem solver, honest, reliable. responsible, calm under pressure, self-reliant, wise, clever, well trained, team player, fit and healthy

Then we thought about what qualities we had that would make us a good astronaut.
Here are some of our 'applications'.

I will make a good astronaut because I will be fit and healthy. I eat lots of fruit and I run outside with my friends. I am also well trained.
I am friendly to other people and helpful. I am brave because I will say 'don't worry, it will be fine' and that will calm people down.
By Amber

I have what it takes to be an astronaut because I'm a space expert.
I can follow even the craziest commands, like if someone told me to fly into an asteroid belt - I'd do it! I'm so calm, I wouldn't scream if I saw the scariest horror movie.
Also 'friendly' is my middle name, because I've made a ton of friends over the years, that's how friendly I am.
By Tom

I would be a good astronaut because I know alot about space. Did you know that Jupiter is the biggest planet?
I am fit and healthy because I eat heaps of good foods and I play rugby. I am responsible so I would be a good person to drive a rocket ship.
By Jack G

I have proved that I have the right honour to be an astronaut. I am brave and wise and clever because I take on challenges. I am well trained and fit and healthy because I eat my vegetables.
 If something comes I will not be afraid. I am smart so I can fix lots of things in the rocket. I am cool under pressure, I can calm myself.
By Tamati

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  1. Hi Room 2 Astronaut Applicants,

    You all sound as if you have a wide range of skills and very positive attitudes that would be useful on a space mission. I am pleased to hear that you are all fit & healthy, brave & wise. I also like that you are calm under pressure. What made you apply for this position and what do you think you would enjoy most about a trip to Mars?
    From Ms Whitaker