Monday, 2 September 2013


School disco

In three days it will be the local School Disco. I’m still thinking about what I shall wear. I have multiple costumes from when I was six and seven, but now they are all too small, so I might just have to wear a dress unless Mum designs me a costume that fits me. Still, I am EXTREMELY excited, because I haven’t been to a school disco for so long!

Holly, 27. 8.13


  1. hi Holly I liked your story about what you are going to wear to the school disco. I liked how you said multiple to describe how many costumes you have. What did you wear in the end to the disco? Bye from rowan

  2. hey Holly

    Holly had to dacans wish me by :) :) :) :) Shakira

  3. Hi Holly.
    Did you have a nice day at the Disco?. And I liked your dress, it was really pretty.I was REALLY excited too,and did your mum,design your dress?. From Claudia.