Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Blue coming to my house

On Sunday, Blue came to my house. We made a big grass wall and smashed it with my little dump truck. When we did that the dump truck flipped and rolled over. Then we went to the school to play with our bikes for 30 minutes. Half an hour later we went home and dropped a plastic man called Steve out the window up the stairs. Then Blue went home. It was fun.                

By Nathan 8.8.13                                    J


  1. Hi Nathan

    Its cool having friends over. I have a good friend Sophie. She always comes over she's basically my sister.
    When you say Steve, do you mean Steve from Minecraft?

    from Jorja

    Warrington School

    1. Hi Jorja
      No its not Steve from Minecraft. It's a toy that came from a toy dump truck. I play Minecraft. It's fun.
      Bye from Nathan