Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Tirohanga Camp Cross Country

Well done Waihola students  Everyone put in such a big effort and should feel very proud of themselves.  We all enjoyed the competition, the mud and the sunshine. Thanks parents for being involved. Congratulations to the following people who performed in the top 10 at our Taieri Schools cluster.    Yr 4 boys: Ryan Smolders 8th  Yr 5 boys:  Nathan  10th Yr 5 girls: Stevie 10th Yr 6 boys: Rowan  4th, Callum 10th Yr 7 girls: Holly 10th Yr 7 boys Alex 5th



  1. Hi Room 2
    I loved running the Tirohanga camp run. I came 10th place. What place did Alex and Holly?
    Bye from Stevie

    1. Hi Stevie!
      I loved running the track too, except it could have been shorter. I came 10th, just getting into the Otago Champs, and I'm pretty sure Alex came 5th.
      Bye, from Holly

    2. Hi Stevie I got 5th place. And I found out toight from Ms Bell that only the top five get into the otago champs. Sorry you didnt get in. from your friend Alex. :)

  2. Hi,

    I came 6th in my cross country and I have my Otago Champs today.


    Warrington School