Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Road Safety J Walking

We learnt about road safety at school and made these videos with the I pads. This video is about using footpaths. 


  1. Hi

    I really liked the duck walk and being showed how we can cross the road safely.

    What did you use to film your video? How many times did you practice before you filmed?

    Room 1 Warington School

    1. Thanks for the comment. We filmed on the Ipads and had one practise before the actual recording. Bye from Callum.

  2. Hi guys
    What a cool video and fantastical acting by Callum.

  3. That is a very funny video. Good work guys, showing us how to be safe on the road.
    From Tamati and Seth M

  4. Hi guys
    Your road safety is really impressive and you know what to do when a car is coming. I thought that your video was funny.
    Did you enjoy making the video and what is your favourite type of vechile?
    Bye from Emily at Lee Stream.

  5. Hi Callum,
    Awesome video. I like how you put in credits and all that. But being crushed on a road must be pretty painful! Did you have to go to hospital?