Monday, 10 November 2014

Trip to Earthlore

Tomorrow we are off to Earthlore. We have been brainstorming some questions that we would like to ask Gordon & Janine:
  • Is the Admiral Butterfly rare? Sean
  • Do you have any praying mantis? Nathan
  • Do you have a special way of catching wasps? Ryan
  • What is the rarest insect you have? Harry B
  • How many different bugs do you have in Bug City? Nathan
  • What is your favourite Minibeast? Harry L & Tamati
  • Where do you get your bugs and plants from? Wiremu
  • How many eggs do bugs lay? Shakira
  • What is your most common insect? Harry L & Ryan
  • How many different habitats do you have at Earthlore?
  • How many species of bugs do you have at Earthlore? Wiremu
  • How can we create a bug paradise at school? At home?
  • How can we catch pests? Ryan
  • What bugs are pests and which aren't?Wiremu
  • What is the difference between rare and endangered?
  • How many rare and endangered species do you have? Nathan
We are hoping that we can find the answers to all of these questions!

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