Monday, 19 May 2014

It's national Road Safety Week and the focus this year is on driver distractions. We will be exploring road safety at school this week. This will include revisiting bike safety guidelines and rules for pedestrians. This morning Room 2 walked around school and identified any hazards. We talked about the driveway, the car park and the intersection. We talked about how to get to school safely and things we should be looking out for.
Here are some safety rules that we have come up with so far:
  • Stay on the left side of the road if walking or biking
  • Always use the footpath
  • Always wear a helmet when you are biking or scootering
  • Look both ways before crossing the road
  • Get off your bike and walk when crossing the road
  • Never jaywalk!
We also talked about the importance of having our 'ears and eyes' open - listen and look. We will be adding to our safety rules over the week.
Post a comment and add some more ideas for us!

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