Thursday, 27 February 2014

Community Golf Clinic

Last Friday Seth, Nathan, Harry and Poppy from Room 2 attended a community golf clinic run by the Otago Polytechnic and IGolf at Chisholm Golf Club in Dunedin. Two professional golf instructors (including one of Lydia Ko’s coaches!) gave the students a few tips. 

They practiced their golf swings and their putting skills. They learned about the different clubs and how to hit underneath the ball so it flew higher into the air. They learnt how to use ‘distance’ and ‘direction’ when putting. The afternoon was made even more interesting with the presence of a camera crew who was filming the session for Sky Sport! We are hoping to find out soon when the students will be TV so we can all watch their moment of fame!

It was a really fun afternoon. Mrs Jackson was very impressed with all four students. They were great ambassadors for Waihola District School.  Here are some of the students’ highlights:

  •    Nathan – hitting the balls really far and breaking the tees! 
  •    Poppy – trying to hit the targets 
  •    Harry – trying to hit the targets 
  •    Seth – hitting really far     

Seth under pressure from the camera man!
Poppy giving it her best shot

Harry aiming for the target

Nathan practicing with the tennis balls

Guy showing us how to swing properly - head down, feet still

Listening to coach Guy - distance & direction is the key

Seth showing great concentration

Poppy showing them how its done!

Harry aiming for a hole in one

Nathan practicing his putting skills

 Our new golf 'pros' with their cars of the future! 

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  1. Hi nathan seth and harry it looks like your having fun playing golf probrbly you will be the best at golf now mabey some day we should have a challenge from Blue