Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pounawea Camp

Claudia catches an eel. "Yum, smoked eel tastes like trout!"

                       First yabby of the day - caught by Mr Hutton, on a piece of string loaded up with stinky meat.

Jack finds an empty crab shell at the rock pools at Papatowai. We found many awesome creatures including a small yellow foot paua, anenomes and a range of very cool starfish.

 Jacks hollow paddle crab shell has red spots on either side and spikey bits on the front.

The population of bug city in Earthlore is 2,000,000 bugs and growing.


  1. HI Room 2,
    I LOVE the photo of Room 2 in the peaceful gardens. How is school going for you guys so far?
    Your pal, Holly.

  2. Hi. Was it fun finding that eel. Did you really find yabby?

    By Jade